Framingham is a historic Boston and Albany Railroad station located in downtown Framingham, Massachusetts. Designed by noted American architect H. H. Richardson, it was one of the last of the railroad stations he designed in the northeastern United States to be built. The station, built in 1884–85, served as a major stop on the B&A Main Line as well as a hub for branch lines to Milford, Mansfield, Fitchburg, and Lowell.


After many years of success in the market and having founded the Oliveira’s Group, Edilson Oliveira decided that it was time to go for a more refined project and to offer Brazilian society with Framingham Station – Brazilian Steakhouse a more elegant and daring steakhouse. For this, he invited his former manager and now partner, Bruno Trindade, to present Framingham Station to Brazilian and American society together.


The beginning of Brazilian barbecue can be traced back to the 1700s during Brazil’s colonization by European settlers. The subsequent rise in popularity of the churrasco technique is credited to gaúchos in the cattle ranching lands of the Rio Grande do Sul in the 1800s.


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